Here are a few things others have had to say about the Seedlings e-course…

“It’s amazing how much work you’ve put into this – I can just see the hours and hours effort and thoughtfullness – you’re both amazing and should be so stoked with yourselves. I think the course framework is really clear, easy to follow and has a good rhythm to it – I’ve never played minecraft, but some little people in my life assure me it’s top stuff. So I reckon this is really clever of you to integrate it into the course – it shows that your style of education is really tailored to the people who matter – the little ones. Also love it how you’ve outlined different activities for different age groups where needed. All the cool practical activities relating to each principle is gold… I genuinely think it’s a really high quality, accurate (to permaculture) course.” – Hannah Moloney, Good Life Permaculture.

“We started the Spiral Garden Seedlings Course at the beginning of a new year. It was so nice and nurturing to have access to inspiring material presented in such a lovely, personal way. Lauren and Oberon really give you a glimpse into their family life, and the facebook group gives you a sense of support whilst you enjoy the content of the course. My family have learnt a lot, been nourished with new ideas and has thoroughly enjoyed reading through the course each Monday morning, plotting which hands on activities we would get to that week. I highly recommend the Spiral Garden Seedlings Course for other families, I know I will continue to see threads of the course throughout my life, and I am very grateful for the happy memories I created with my family this Summer thanks to the beautiful work of Lauren and Oberon.”– Emily, past Seedlings student,VIC

“We are having a ball participating in the Spiral Garden Seedlings permaculture course and learning so much useful information as a family. We have found it a great basis for all aspects of our life and our studies too as everything ties in so well.We highly recommend it and are so blown away with the amount of work and love Lauren, Oberon and their girls have put into it…” – Allana, past Seedlings student, TAS

“I have tried to read books about permaculture before, but they always seemed so complicated, so that I could never quite grasp exactly what it was! This course clearly laid out the 12 principles in a very useful way… I have learnt so much and am so eager to learn more! I can’t stop thinking permaculture, and have surrounded myself in books about it. Thank you! Thank you!” – Liz,  past Seedlings student, TAS

“I loved this course not only was it informative but also a joy to reconnect with nature and my family.” – Elizabeth,  past Seedlings student, TAS

“I am a Permaculture Designer and Teacher and decided to do the Permaculture Seedlings Course online as I was so busy creating and teaching to everyone else that my own family was missing out a bit. I really enjoyed the process as there were so many ideas and ways to engage with my children at our own pace… The 12 principles were portrayed in such a way that the weeks blended seamlessly… The weekly chats on Facebook were a great resource and we really enjoyed hearing what others were up to and support from Lauren and Oberon. Thank you so much for an inspiring course…..we may just have to do it all over again.”
Narelle Happ, past Seedlings student, A Garden for Life 

“We found the mix of theory and activities really great! Everything was easily adaptable for our family, which is important to us as we have a mix of ages and developmental stages… some of the activities we adjusted to account for our youngest child, who is autistic, but the open-ended nature of the activities actually helped us do this a lot. The informal nature, the information sharing, the unschooling/natural learning approach, all of these fit really well into our lifestyle, and it was just what we needed to restart our garden mojo! We really loved this course. The layout of it all lets you go as deeply as you have time for… and I love the mix of theory, activities, book suggestions and so on. I can’t think of anything I would change, except to maybe have an additional chat night each week (mainly because they are fun!).”
Naomi, past Seedlings student, QLD


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