Nurturing our earth and our children through permaculture

Spiral Garden Seedlings is a fun and immersive program aimed to help families learn about permaculture and build practical skills for living more sustainably. The program uses a wide range of resources and media to explore 12 permaculture principles and 3 permaculture ethics, through family-centred workshops, covering topics such as composting, food forests, renewable energy, nature appreciation, community building and more!


Enrolments are open now, giving you lifetime full access to all course materials. Course membership includes access to a private Facebook group and occasional group chat sessions, so you can share your permaculture journey with others – your permaculture community awaits!





 ©Spiral Garden 2019.

3 thoughts on “Nurturing our earth and our children through permaculture

  1. Hi there. We are home/Unschoolers and I would love to do your Permaculture course with my son. Could you please let me know how I sign up and any costs associated with it?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Karen,

      Just click on the shop link at the top right hand corner of any page. When on that page, press the words “click here” and you’ll arrive at our shop where you can purchase the course.

      Many thanks,
      Lauren and Oberon.

  2. Hi Lauren and Oberon,
    As parents to three daughters in the NSW public school system, we often feel the drain of mainstream consciousness. It is really refreshing to read your journey and indeed to share and motivate others in our community to follow the #zerowaste and #plasticfree lifestyle.
    Very Grateful,
    Join Plastic Free July

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